At Optometric Physicians Northwest, you will find a caring team of professionals dedicated to providing high quality and personalized eye care for your entire family. We value our patient relationships and strive to improve your quality of life and vision wellness through uncompromised service and state of the art tecnology. Dr.s Brad and Amy Bearden and their staff are a close-working team dedicated to meeting the eye care needs of the people of Bellingham.

Montana, our friendly receptionist, is the first smiling face you will see when you visit our clinic. You will then meet Shelley and Sarah, our certified technicians, who will use state of the art technologies to take measurements of your eyes. Next, you will meet Dr. Brad or Amy Bearden, our highly skilled optometrists.

What to Expect at Your Child's Exam

  1. Measurement or estimate of visual acuity and 3-D vision
  2. Assessment of ocular alignment (Are the eyes straight and do they work together?)
  3. Assessment of ocular movement (Do the eyes move normally?)
  4. Measurement of intraocular pressure (glaucoma test) for children over 10 years of age or younger when indicated

At this point of the exam, dilation drops are given to the child. We must wait 30 minutes for the drops to fully relax the focusing system before the doctor examines the child. We encourage you to use this time for a brief activity outside of the office so that the child is relaxed and cooperative for the doctor examination. We happily provide McDonalds coupons for an ice cream cone so that you may enjoy a snack with your child while his or her eyes become dilated.

Dilated Examination

  1. Assessment of need for glasses
  2. Dilated heath assessment of the retina

A complete eye exam generally takes about an hour and a half, so please be prepared with diapers, formula and snacks if you have small children with you. Our reception area offers children’s video games and periodicals. Our treatment area contains DVD players with children’s movies. We strive to see patients in a timely manner but our first concern is that a thorough eye exam is performed and that all questions are answered.

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