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We will perform a two-part eye examination. The first part comprises of determining your visual needs. We will perform a refraction and review your lifestyle and daily visual needs so that we may recommend contact lenses and/or eyewear to best suit all of your visual tasks. The second part comprises of the health assessment of your eyes. We will dilate your eyes so that we may evaluate all of the internal structures of your eye. This health assessment allows us to diagnose and treat any present ocular disease such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachment and many others. When you visit our office, our goal is that you will leave completely satisfied and confident with our doctors, staff and services!

A comprehensive eye examination takes into consideration your total health and how it impacts the health of your eyes.  We will review your medical and family history to understand the status of your health.  Many systemic diseases have associated eye problems.


Your exam will include:


  • visual acuity or refraction test to determine the degree to which you may be nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism


  • eye muscle function test to check the movement of your eyes in each direction and at specified angles.  This test will identify any muscle weakness or involuntary eye movement.


  • binocular vision skills assessment to ensure that your eyes work together properly as a team.  This is important for proper depth perception, eye muscle coordination and the ability to change focus from near to far objects.


  • visual field test to measure your peripheral vision, the width of the area you can see when you’re looking straight ahead.  This test may also detect diseases of the eyes or neurological disorders.


  • eye pressure test.  We may administer one or more tests to evaluate your intra-ocular pressure.  High intra-ocular pressure may be a sign of glaucoma.


  • Color vision screening to see if you perceive colors properly.


  • Neurological pupil testing


  • Eye health assessment using a slit lamp microscope.  This tool allows the doctor to evaluate your cornea, conjunctiva, eyelids, lens, optic nerve, retina, and other structures of the eye.



Our Mission To You

Our family of eyecare professionals is committed to:

  • Providing you, your family, and our community with a lifetime of compassionate and unparalleled preventative eye care services and state of the art products.
  • Inspiring confidence through patient and community education.
  • Promoting visual excellence with an organized, caring and dedicated staff, and with doctors and staff who promise to stay in the forefront of eye care with continuing education, certification and licensure, and the latest instrumentation.

We welcome you to our team at Optometric Physicians Northwest.